BMP Maintenance and Inspection Services

Throughout the United States, stormwater systems have been designed to detain and treat stormwater. This common engineering practice is done before leaving the site on all large sites throughout the United States.  Privately owned site maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain their stormwater infrastructure by implementing BMP maintenance and inspections.

As this is often a liability to private property owners, it is the foremost concern for Stormwater Compliance Solutions (SCS) and the driving motivation behind our comprehensive stormwater function and maintenance education efforts. We emphasize preventative maintenance as the first step in a maintenance plan. Our process begins with the BMP inspection, to ensure preventative maintenance measures have been taken to reduce floatable pollutants, control soil erosion, eliminate spills and other sources or aqueous pollution. We then begin the planning for more comprehensive BMP maintenance, which often involves the use of heavy equipment.

Low Impact Development is a favorable best management practice where it is applicable.  By utilizing environmentally friendly techniques such as sand filters, infiltration systems, and rain gardens, stormwater treatment can be minimally invasive and even visually appealing. We have a maintenance team dedicated to servicing these low impact systems.

No matter the size or scale of your stormwater treatment system, Stormwater Compliance Solutions has the staff and experience to handle your site’s BMP maintenance and inspection services.

Below is a complete list of our Maintenance Services:

  • Underground Detention
  • Underground Infiltration
  • Settling Chambers
  • Hydrodynamic Separators (MTD’s)
  • Filtration Systems (MTD’s)
  • Bio-Retention
  • Detention
  • Wet Ponds
  • Infiltration basins
  • Rain Gardens
  • Low Impact Development Strategies

Stormwater Maintenance for Contech Engineered Solutions and all General BMPs

BMPs or MTDs (Manufactured Treatment Devices) define the product-based technology for stormwater treatment that drives our industry. Stormwater Compliance Solutions (SCS) provides maintenance services for the top manufacturers of stormwater management products, including Contech Engineered Solutions, Aquashield and more.

BMPs and MTDs have been created to meet Stormwater treatment demands that cannot be achieved through traditional low-impact and non-structural Stormwater strategies. These MTD’s range from industrial, mechanical and biological treatment, to hydrodynamic separator and filtration devices.

Stormwater Compliance Solutions will ensure that your system is properly maintained so that it meets its maximum life expectancy. Treatment device manufacturers, such as Contech Engineered Solutions, are driven to create systems that treat the greatest amount of flow rate at the most economical price point.  Longevity and ease of maintenance should be major considerations taken by the design engineer and site owner. With SCS’s support, you will get the maximum efficiency from MTD products like a CDS hydrodynamic separator or a Jellyfish filtration system.

SCS has been on the ground-breaking end of stormwater treatment since its inception.  Our clients rely on our expertise from the conceptual design phase through the maintenance life of these systems.  Our relationship with industry leaders sets SCS aside from its competition.  As engineers, we understand the hydrology and hydraulics that make these systems work and that value is passed along to our clients through our services.

See below for the complete list of BMPs/MTDs we maintain:

Municipal Maintenance – Storm Drain Filters and Storm Drain Cleaning

Having years of experience and a dedicated Municipal Engineer on our team, Stormwater Compliance Solutions is the go-to stormwater expert for government organizations. Municipal storm drain cleaning and maintenance of the storm drain filters are an integral part of this support. What goes on below the ground has as much of an impact on the site as the building, parking areas and roof.  We approach each cleaning and storm drain filters maintenance project with the analytical perspective of an engineer. The drainage system is an interconnected network of pipes, culverts, basins, streams and lakes which must all work in unison.

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4’s), whether owned by a Town, County or State Highway, all function in the same manner and have been the standard of design throughout the United States for over half a century.

Our cleaning and maintenance crews can perform general storm drain cleaning and more specific maintenance to your storm drain filters. They are adept at troubleshooting complex problems within these stormwater systems. Our maintenance services include confined space entry, crane shop trucks, pump trucks, jet vac trucks, easement machines and TV pipe inspection equipment.

Our entire integrated process is designed to deliver the best possible storm drain cleaning service and storm drain filters maintenance to our clients, from our project managers to our pipe cleaning and jet vac crews. Whether it is general maintenance or the development of complex systems, we have just the maintenance plan to service your needs.


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