Risk Management

In order to avoid any potential risk in your current stormwater system, Stormwater Compliance Solutions (SCS) provides a comprehensive Inspection/Risk Management service to identify potential pollution problems or drainage deficiencies before they become major issues.

The following risk management and inspection services are available throughout the United States:

Manufactured Treatment Device Inspection – There are dozens of different types of stormwater filtration, separation and settling chambers that treat stormwater. We are familiar with the different types of technologies and how they function.

Construction – Construction sites larger than an acre of disturbance must adhere to soil erosion and sediment control measures set forth by the EPA.  Construction site inspection requirements are comprehensive and ever changing.  At SCS, we work with contractors and developers to keep the sites in compliance and under budget. We emphasize the value to proactive planning measures that reduce runoff and control soil erosion on site before it can become a downstream violation.

Industrial – Industrial site inspections are tailored to the industries that we serve. Our SWPPPs and inspection schedules are customized so whether you are an asphalt manufacturing plant, trucking facility or metal fabrication plant, we create a tailored package to suit your business.

Commercial – Sites from gas stations to mega shopping malls and everything in between fall into the types of commercial facilities that we serve.  Understanding comprehensive drainage designs and how they function over the long term is one of the many areas of expertise that we offer at Stormwater Compliance Solutions.

Residential – Our residential focus is on large areas of land development with suitable size drainage areas and respective detention and treatment areas.  Our service is generally geared towards Home Owners Associations and Condominium Associations.  We conduct drainage asset inventories, inspection and maintenance plans geared to the O&M of the specific site.  Our inspections in these areas typically include mapping, soil testing, sediment testing and surveying.


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