SWPPP Training with our Virtual Stormwater Permit Compliance Program

As one of the leading stormwater permit facilitators in the United States, we understand that reading permits and interpreting environmental regulations is not the main responsibility of most of our clients. Stormwater Compliance Solutions’ (SCS) online compliance program keeps things simple and organized so that owners can focus on their business instead of worrying about stormwater compliance.

In stormwater compliance, everything comes down to “the Permit”. Each State abides by a General Stormwater Permit which keeps them in compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act. Permits can consist of more than 200 pages of rules and regulations. Thankfully, SCS can analyze these regulations for you and provide you with a customized SWPPP BMP training that aligns with your industry. We break down what applies to your facility and what you need to do in order to stay in compliance, while avoiding costly violations.


Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan or SWPPP training can be provided in two ways.  We can perform a SWPPP training session for you and ensure all applicable staff has met the stormwater training requirements in your stormwater permit or we can provide you with your own in-house SWPPP training documentation which allows you to provide stormwater training to your staff, in your own time throughout the year.  This training correlates with the “in-house” general permit requirements to train all your employees on the proper best management practices (BMPs) of the facility. It is not certification training.


Our comprehensive stormwater BMP inspections are key to identifying and avoiding potential pollution problems or drainage deficiencies and are tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients.

Site inspection requirements vary by location within the continental United States as well as whether the site is municipal, industrial, commercial, residential or construction. If you are near one of our offices we can provide this service for you, otherwise, our SWPPP training will cover how to do a proper stormwater bmp inspection as well.


If an organization is found to be out of compliance during a regulatory agency inspection, violations are often given by that agency. These violations can result in heavy fines and the need to overhaul the organization’s stormwater program.  By working with an experienced firm that knows the regulations of your permit intimately, you can avoid costly fines and newly imposed requirements.

Keeping your property investments maintained and in good working order will also reduce your risk of violations as well as mitigate costly repairs to neglected systems, structures and landscaping. SCS provides stormwater training and consulting on all aspects of stormwater management from construction and maintenance to engineering, inspections and regulatory compliance. Working with SCS reduces your risk and keeps you in compliance.


Each State must abide by a General Stormwater Permit which keeps them in compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act. At SCS reading and understanding permits is our job. We will review your permit, whether it’s a State General Permit or an Individual State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) Permit authorizing a specific discharge at your facility. We will design your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) around the requirements and incorporate SWPPP training into your program. All records are kept up to date so internal and external inspections/audits become an easy process.

Our team works with you to make sure you know when inspections are due and will give you reminder calls until they are completed and submitted. We even watch the weather for you and alert you when qualified rain events are coming your way. Completed forms are reviewed to make sure they are filled out completely and properly and filed in your SWPPP.

If findings are noted we follow up with Management and the SWPPP administrator to make sure the appropriate corrective actions are implemented. We’re with you at every step in the process.


Regulatory agencies have the right to inspect facilities that are covered under their permits. These inspections can be daunting if your records are not in order. They also have the ability to give violations if they feel you are not complying with the Permit requirements. At best this can result in internal fire drills getting reports compiled and inspections completed to meet the inspection demands, at worst there can be costly fees.

With SCS monitoring your stormwater compliance program you can feel confident during an inspection. All of your records and SWPPP training rosters are organized and at your fingertips. We also assist our clients by working with the inspector while you sit with them, walking them through where the records are located and answering any questions that you need help with.


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