Stormwater BMP Inspection Services

Our Stormwater BMP Inspection services are vital to preventing flood risks to facilities, downstream properties and the environment throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Knowing when your stormwater BMP systems need maintenance or repair is the key to preventing costly damage caused by neglect. Our staff of knowledgeable inspectors and professionals have the stormwater BMP inspection experience necessary to identify routine maintenance issues to prevent major stormwater BMP system malfunctions. Our firm has the right equipment available to mitigate any problem affecting your existing system.

Municipalities make annual submissions to the Department to demonstrate compliance with the local regulatory authority’s permit. The stormwater BMP inspections and reports completed during our facility inspections are designed to satisfy those reporting requirements. The DEP Stormwater BMP regulations require that the operators of Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) prepare and maintain Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and Stormwater Management Plans (SWM). Stormwater Compliance Solutions helps you prepare, maintain and update these plans as well as complete the required mitigation plans. We will build out analyses and fulfill all necessary requirements. These include the identification and tracking of illicit connections, roadside erosion control, employee education and public awareness programs.


Stormwater Compliance Solutions is an expert in managing the records for annual stormwater BMP inspection and maintenance of your stormwater inlets and outfalls. We complete this task by using GPS based mapping systems to inventory the inlets and assign unique identifiers to each structure. A detailed stormwater BMP inspection is completed of each inlet. Minor cleaning is completed as part of the normal annual inspection. If repairs and/or higher-level cleaning is required, the work is completed based on a pre-established menu of services.

Stormwater outfalls from MS4s are located using GPS systems and inspected for scouring at the discharge point. The outfalls are also documented photographically to establish a baseline for future stormwater BMP inspections. This allows us to judge the degree by which conditions change over time.  Outfall inspection is one of the first methods of detecting illicit discharges to the stormwater BMP system – without knowing a problem exists one cannot mitigate it.


The GIS map is the final visual deliverable for the stormwater BMP inspection. Our maps are broken down into subsets or map sets set at a larger scale.  Maps are created to the clients’ specifications for content and attributes.  The maps are accompanied in both a digital deliverable and hard copy.  Functionality and usefulness is what we strive for in building our maps.  They are easy to ready and update.  Our GIS maps are used by Departments of Public Works and contractors, years after our work is complete, as a reference for inventory updates, improvements and troubleshooting.


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