Engineering is the backbone of everything we do here at Stormwater Compliance Solutions (SCS).  As design professionals, we fill the gaps between construction, maintenance and engineering.  Stormwater systems are complicated and require expertise to ensure they are they are functioning properly.  SCS translates the engineer’s design into a plan that can be implemented by maintenance personnel. We work for property owners, managers and environmental personnel for seamless stormwater management.

Evaluations/Assessments/Risk Management

We provide engineering evaluations of your site to uncover any potential risk factors in the stormwater system operation.  A multitude of factors are built into this assessment, including the historic land use of the site, the potential for existing contamination, the use of the site, and the geological aspects of ground water levels, bed rock, acidic or organic soils.  Upon initial evaluation of the site, SCS works with the contractor or developer on stormwater design criteria and placement of Best Management Practices.  SCS specializes in the post construction management of systems and the design parameters that substantially influence the function of the system.

Location of BMP’s and their accessibility for future maintenance and repair is a substantial part of the design – if this aspect is missed future maintenance costs can substantially increase

Design/Repair Plans

Stormwater Compliance Solutions will prepare re-design and repair plans for existing stormwater systems where an old system has passed its useful life and needs to be rehabilitated to accommodate modern development.  We prepare plans in accordance with local and state environmental regulations and work with our clients from design to construction.  Our engineering expertise allows us to prepare grading and drainage plans, soil erosion and sediment control plans, food hazard area plans, stream restoration plans, hydrology and hydraulic studies, and dredging plans and permits.

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