Storm Water Solutions vs Stormwater Solutions – Which is Correct?

As you are searching the internet for various storm water solutions you may find that two different spellings come up, but which one is correct?  Storm water solutions as two words or stormwater solutions as one word?

The industry has generally adopted the use of “stormwater” as one word.  It’s true, you will still see storm water solutions out there on the internet and even some government agencies are still in the process of making the switch on their websites and in their stormwater permits, but the vast majority of our industry has adopted the one word spelling.

So whether you are searching for storm water solutions or stormwater solutions…we would love to hear from you and assist you with your compliance needs.

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Lisa Cratty has over 20 years of experience in management. Previously, Lisa worked for an international law firm as the Department Head of both IT and Accounting. She managed the staff, spearheaded various committees and was responsible for strategic planning and the implementation of multiple projects. In 2012, Lisa transitioned into the environmental world where she began the work of interpreting industrial stormwater permits and keeping clients in compliance with regulations in multiple states. In late 2015 she began working with Stormwater Compliance Solutions where she now manages the Stormwater Compliance Division, the Colorado office and team and over 1,400 facilities across the United States under industrial, construction and municipal stormwater permits.  Lisa is an expert at project management and keeps our clients in regulatory compliance with their permits so they are free to focus on their business.